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So you’ve heard that Portland has turned into some sort of food mecca?

We are enthusiasts of all things food. Fast and healthy, sweet and hearty, or gourmet and aromatic. Whether it’s your first time opening a neighborhood cafe or a national chain looking for the best corner in the central city, we have vast experience to facilitate that journey. Urban Works specializes in restaurant transactions and negotiates more restaurant leases than any other brokerage group in Portland.

Garden Bar Case Study

In carrots we trust

About Garden Bar

A dream realized by self described “salad freaks” has brought Portland’s health craze to the urban lunch crowd. Their vision? A counter-style salad shop where chefs toss custom salads to order featuring big beautiful bowls of raw leafy greens tossed with locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

3 Locations Matched and Counting

Understanding Garden Bar’s unique concept and the type of space and neighborhood that best fits that concept was key in finding these locations. Tenant representation means we can be your business partner in both growth and success.

Expansion Goals

Garden Bar had one location when Urban Works began their quest to facilitate the modern day salad’s urban domination. Their goal is to expand to 15 urban locations and 5 suburban locations by 2016.
Garden Bar