Dan helped found Urban Works in 2002. With over 20 years of Retail brokerage experience, Dan possesses a tremendous understanding of both the suburban and urban retail marketplaces. He specializes in both national and local tenant representation, with substantial experience working alongside national, regional and local developers in pre-leasing and redevelopment assignments.

  • Where are you from? What brought you to Portland?

    I was born and raised here in Portland, OR. With the exception of 4 years in Eugene attending the University of Oregon, I have lived in Portland for my entire life. It has been an incredible experience to witness Portland’s growth, and being in Commercial Real Estate over the past 20 years has truly helped me appreciate it firsthand.

  • What do you like about being a broker at Urban Works?

    I like the fact that I was on the ground floor when Urban Works came to fruition. I vividly remember discussing names for the company with Craig Sweitzer… how incredible the journey has been since the days of sitting in the StreetCar Lofts building, working in an office consisting of two brokers (Craig and myself) plus a marketing person!

    I think that our continued success is a testament to the team that we have assembled. Each broker seems to treat his or her role as more than just a job. It is so refreshing working with individuals that enjoy celebrating everyone’s success.

  • Do you have a favorite local brand?

    Honestly, for multiple reasons, Nike will always be my favorite local brand. The company has done so much for the local economy and the state of Oregon. My late father was a school teacher, my mother worked as a nurse – their purchase of Nike stock when it originally went public enabled them to pay for my education at U of O (Go Ducks)!

    I also have a vivid memory of my father introducing me to Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, at a stakeholder’s meeting in 1991. At the conclusion of the meeting, my father with myself in tow, marched over to Phil Knight (who was, at the time, engulfed in a conversation with Charles Barkley), introduced the two of us and commended him on the great success of Nike. Phil Knight literally spent the next 10 to 15 minutes talking to us. On the ride home, my father gave me a 30 minute lecture on the importance of having confidence (absolutely due to the fact that I begged my father not to drag me up there to interrupt Phil & Charles’ conversation).

Recent Transactions

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