Haylee grew up in Portland/Beaverton and graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration.  After college, she worked in the medical device industry for 3 years before coming to Urban Works.  Now, Haylee is having a blast getting to know the best new places in the city that she grew up in.

  • Portland is known for its quirks, what do you find especially cool about living in Portland?

    To me, the best parts of Portland are the friendliness of Portland’s residents and the positive culture in the city. I enjoy how strangers greet each other in passing on the sidewalk and exchange friendly smiles. Where else do people sit idle at a stop sign waving others to go ahead, instead of trying to be the first to get through the intersection?

  • What is your favorite part of Portland’s recent growth?

    With Portland’s friendly, laid back culture being broadcast nationwide, my hope is that other cities can embrace and emulate what we’re doing here – Portlanders shouldn’t be the only lucky ones to live in a place like this!

  • What do you like most about Urban Works/Why do you feel that Urban Works is Portland’s premier real estate company?

    I like that Urban Works is in the position to make significant impacts on neighborhood development and use that power to steer growth in certain areas.

  • What do you like to do on weekends?

    I enjoy keeping my spare time low-key by hanging out with my pets, gardening, and keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip on TMZ. When I kick it up a notch, I enjoy multiple local outdoor activities as well as traveling outside of the the Pacific Northwest.