Tyler joined Urban Works in early 2016.  He comes to the real estate world with a utility background, specifically relating to economic development, new construction and account management.

  • What is your favorite Portland neighborhood to spend the day exploring? Why?

    My favorite Portland neighborhood to spend the day at is Multnomah Village. My wife and I enjoy a leisurely breakfast and coffee at many of the local breakfast and coffee bars, or spending an afternoon at the Lucky Lab Brewing Company and the many happy hour options nearby. Having grown up in the area, it is great to see the recent activity in the neighborhood and to reap the benefits.

  • What do you like most about being a Senior Associate Broker at Urban Works?

    It is incredible to be a part of a team that works this well together. Each day is a new challenge and brings new opportunities.

  • Tell us about your favorite vacation

    My favorite “vacation” was my four-month detour to SE Asia. After completing an internship at Pacific Power, a friend and I traveled through five countries and saw everything from wild jungle animals and the great Angkor Wat, to beaches and lagoons, and we were able to venture into the rolling hills of northern Vietnam. The variety of food was incredible but certainly tested my spice limitations.

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