The New Faces of Old Town Chinatown

Streetwear apparel and sneaker shops are carving out their niche in the neighborhood

You may recognize the prominent architecture of the Tuck Lung Building at the corner of NW 4th & Davis, the building fits perfectly into Portland’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood… but did you know that Tuck Lung and the surrounding blocks have transitioned to a mecca for urban streetwear apparel and sneaker shops?

Laundry and Produce Organics are the newest additions to the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, they both recently leased ground floor spaces in the Tuck Lung Building.  Urban Works is proud of brokers Dan Bozich and Brian Greeley for their roles in aiding the Landlord and Tenants in these transactions.

To provide a glimpse into how the neighborhood is changing, representatives from Urban Works, Produce Organics, Laundry, as well as Tuck Lung Building owner Tom Brenneke, had an opportunity to walk through Old Town Chinatown with Jon Bell from the Portland Business JournalYou can read the full article here.  Congrats to Produce Organics and Laundry on the new storefronts, we can’t wait to stop by!

Pictured Left to Right:  Christopher Yen of Laundry, Jordan Carter and Wyatt Savage of Produce Organics, Clark Chen of Shirts & Skins who will join Laundry in the space.  Photo by Portland Business Journal.

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