Brian Greeley joined Urban Works in early 2014 and has been in the commercial retail field for over 14 years. Brian has extensive experience with development pre-leasing.  He has contributed to leasing regional centers, neighborhood shopping centers, transit oriented developments and urban mixed-use buildings. Brian has negotiated numerous commercial real estate transactions on behalf of regional and national developers, most recently spending ten years with CE John Company, Inc., as their Vice President of Leasing.

  • What is your favorite thing to do around Portland?

    My favorite Portland pastime is trying new neighborhood restaurants or local breweries. And there are a lot to try. With so many great established restaurants, I’m always impressed with just how many great spots I’ve never been to. I have a list on my phone that I update whenever I read about a new interesting restaurant opening or when someone recommends an establishment. I like trying new things and there is so much variety in Portland. From food carts to upscale restaurants. From grilled cheese sandwiches to perfectly cooked steak or seafood. You really can find it all in the Portland dining scene.

  • What do you like most about Urban Works? Why do you feel Urban Works is Portland’s premier commercial real estate company?

    I believe there are two contributing factors that make Urban Works the city’s premier brokerage firm: the team assembled and the Urban Works brand. People do business with people they trust and like. Our team here at Urban Works is comprised of those individuals. They all work hard and I enjoy spending time with them in and out of the office. Craig and Dan have done a great job of identifying and establishing the identity of Urban Works and successfully servicing that mission through the years. Despite the fact I’ve only been a broker for a short period of time, I can clearly recognize the enormous value associated with Urban Works’ reputation and presence in the marketplace.

  • Favorite vacation and why?

    My favorite vacation is my NEXT vacation. When I graduated high school, my uncle tried to encourage me to take some time and go see the world, but I was focused on the “proper” plan for my education/future career. I went straight from high school into college, from college directly into the job market. I traveled to some nearby destinations, but nothing outside North America. A few years ago, my uncle came to stay with me and help me remodel my house, we reconnected during that time. A month after he left, he passed away from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. Starting that year and every year since (sans one year) I’ve taken a “big” trip. I’ve had the opportunity to see some amazing places; to use charades to communicate my dinner order to a server who spoke a foreign language; to run with bulls in Pamplona with one of my best friends; to stand in silence on the beaches at Normandy; and most importantly to realize “our” way isn’t necessarily always the “only” way. I’m not done traveling. There are so many more places I’ve yet to visit and experience. Where to next?

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