Blue Star Donuts on the cover of Bon Appetit

"Quality over quantity" has garnered national attention for this local donut shop


Our mouths started watering as soon as we saw this month’s Bon Appetit cover featuring our gourmet donut client Blue Star DonutsBlueberry Bourbon donut. They now have several locations throughout Portland, LA and Tokyo, but we remember back when Blue Star came to us in search of their very first store, now a popular destination at SW 13th and Washington.

Bon Appetit reminds us that at some point in time cupcakes were all the craze, but it looks like “doughnuts have mercifully avoided that too-hip-for-their-own-good status, thanks to doughnut makers who prioritize quality over cuteness, and are currently turning out the best we’ve ever had.”

I think all Portlanders appreciate the quality recipes donut makers in town are churning out, the Blue Star’s own “Quality over quantity” motto is the reason their donuts are getting National attention. What’s your favorite Blue Star donut? Mine is hands down the Tiramisu pictured above. I wonder where Blue Star will open up next…