Clients in the News | Jan 18

Starbucks Moving to Chinatown | Bamboo Sushi Will Not Serve Bluefin Tuna | An Interview With Lisa Schroeder of Mother's Bistro




What was formerly the Boiler Room in Old Chinatown, which closed in September of 2016, is now expected to become a Starbucks – Chinatown’s very first Starbucks. After over a year of the space being unoccupied, this space will become the 5th Starbucks between I-405 and the Willamette River, north of Burnside.

“Old Town, which has long served as the city’s social services hub, has also been known as Portland’s “entertainment district” due to the proliferation of bars and nightclubs along NW Third. But the neighborhood has often pined for businesses that would increase foot traffic in the daytime” -Willamette Week

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Have you ever noticed that Bamboo Sushi does not serve Bluefin Tuna, one of the most common fish served in many sushi restaurants? It is for good reason! Kristofor Lofgren, founder and CEO of Bamboo Sushi (and Quickfish Poke Bar) and his team wanted to take a stand: Bluefish Tuna is an endangered species.

Lofgren states, “We have made a huge difference. [But] 140 million metric tons of seafood get caught every year. Every year we buy a little over a million pounds [of seafood]. Globally speaking, it’s a drop in the bucket. Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming upstream.” -Food and Wine

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If you’re a Portland native, then there is no doubt that you have been to Mother’s Bistro. This delicious restaurant opened back in 2000, and has touched the hearts of thousands of people since! Boxerbrand recently interviewed owner, chef and founder, Lisa Schroeder, who wanted to bring a mother’s cooking to Portland!
“Living in a gray city, which is a lot like London, I knew I wanted a color scheme that would help people feel happy and warm & fuzzy. So we went with yellow and green, and the chandeliers happened because I felt that there was a connection to the idea of mother’s food and the chandeliers that traditionally hang in a mother’s dining room. I put in three chandeliers when we first opened, and after a while people started bringing them to me. They realized I collect them— I think they’re good Feng Shui— and now we’re up to 25 chandeliers in our restaurant.” -Lisa Schroeder for Boxerbrand
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