Clients in the News | Oct 6, 2017

Wayfinder Beer, Stacked Sandwich Shop, and Jacqueline make Thrillist's list of top Portland restaurants | Bamboo Sushi is coming to Lake Oswego

Congratulations to Wayfinder Beer, Stacked Sandwich Shop, and Jacqueline on making Thrillist’s list of top Portland restaurants. We love seeing our clients succeed, and these three, each opening within the last 14 months, have been creating buzz since day one. Great job guys!

 “Wayfinder Beer still makes ales, but it leans heavily towards lagers, pilsners, and saisons…”

“…Gabriel Pascuzzi’s Stacked Sandwiches has quickly defined itself as one of the best sandwich shops in the city.”
“There’s a visceral buzz around this seafood spot, and it’s well-deserved…”

Bamboo Sushi is expanding its sustainable sushi empire to Lake Oswego. Urban Works’ own Brian Greeley represented them in the deal! 
“Economic and environmental sustainability and the vibrancy of downtown Lake Oswego starts to become an exciting reality.”