Clients In the News | Sept 21, 2017

DIY Bar gets some love from Popsugar | Breakside's new coffee infused Guji Gose is profiled | The Solo Club shares 3 amari cocktail recipes

Craft Beer, Craft Cocktails, Arts & Crafts…and booze. It’s safe to say that our clients, like most Portlanders, are a crafty bunch. Here are some articles to get your creative juices flowing and raise your spirits! Enjoy!

“A place where you can drink and DIY? Basically the place of my dreams exists in Portland, OR and serves both alcohol and crafts under one roof.


“Here’s a bold statement: Breakside is for sure one of the best breweries in Oregon, and possibly the very best.


“The amari aces at Northwest Portland’s Solo Club show us how the Italian liqueur can transform the random stuff in your kitchen into a refreshing summer cooler.