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Whether you are a developer, owner-user or first time investor looking to either sell or purchase commercial property in Portland, Urban Works can assist in identifying investment opportunities and help you achieve your development or personal financial goals.

Andina Case Study

A mission to celebrate and share Peruvian culture & cuisine

About Andina

Founded in 2003, Andina has emerged as one of the nation's leading Peruvian restaurants (and one of Portland's highest grossing sales) and continues to generate wide appeal within the food communities in and around Portland. The Platt family collaborates with the kitchen team to develop a truly unique menu.

A building purchase at the end of a lease

It is never easy for restaurant groups to negotiate a lease renewal at the end of a ten year lease term. Urban Works represented Andina in lease renewal negotiations for their 12,500 SF restaurant but soon found that the best alternative was for the restaurant group to purchase a building vs leasing. Working to identify potential new locations, possible financing and then the eventual purchase of the existing building was a time consuming endeavor but worth the eventual outcome that made Andina a fixture in the Pearl neighborhood.