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Creative / Retail Flex Space

We re-claim, we re-purpose, we re-develop. That’s Portland.

There are many creative ways to utilize or redevelop a space – or an entire city block. At Urban Works, we’ve helped breweries, food and product manufacturers, creative offices and everything in between find their ideal retail flex space.

Wayfinder Beer Case Study

"Slightly Refined"

About Wayfinder Beer

WAYFINDER BEER is a new brewery project in Portland. Wayfinder transformed 8,900 square feet of a century-old brick warehouse in Portland's Central Eastside into a best-in-class destination for beer and food lovers. Wayfinder is the brainchild of Charlie Devereux (co-founder of Double Mountain Brewery), Matthew Jacobson (co-founder/owner of Sizzle Pie, Quality Bar, and Relapse Records) and Rodney Muirhead (co-founder/owner of Podnah's Pit and La Taq). Opened in October, 2016, Wayfinder's 110-seat taphall is nearly always filled with a variety of guests enjoying drinks from the 2,000 SF brick bar and expertly prepared food from the kitchen. The 3,000 SF patio is perfect for large and small groups and is a key attraction on warmer days, although, the fire pit makes it perfect for any season. The on-site 10-barrel brewhouse creates world-class lagers and ales for immediate enjoyment and wholesale distribution.

Brewery site identified

Urban Works was given the task of identifying a central location within the city that could accommodate the various needs of a fully functioning brewery, as well as the demanding requirements of a restaurant / bar. Given Portland’s stringent zoning code, this was no small feat. The flexible space that was eventually identified was a IG1 mixed-use building that fell within the new EOS zone. As a bonus, the 3,000 SF parking lot was converted to one of the best open-air patios in Portland. It is a great place to sit outside and enjoy a refreshing beer and delicious food in Portland's ever changing central east side. Prost!
Wayfinder Beer