The Services

Creative / Retail Flex Space

We re-claim, we re-purpose, we re-develop. That’s Portland.

There are many creative ways to utilize or redevelop a space – or an entire city block. At Urban Works, we’ve helped breweries, food and product manufacturers, creative offices and everything in between find their ideal retail flex space.

Goodwill Case Study

Donate Stuff. Creat Jobs.

About Goodwill

Goodwill has long been a household name, but they came to Urban Works long before that. They take your donations and turn them into jobs, career counseling, on-the-job training, resume preparation and other services.

From 7 to 40+ locations

When Urban Works first started working with Goodwill, they had seven locations in Oregon. The retailer's concept did not draw a lot of appetite from landlords. Signing leases for Goodwill did not come easy but eventually Goodwill proved their concept was smart, successful and more importantly it gave back to the community.

Present day Goodwill

Goodwill now has a strong real estate presence and the more successful they are the more they give back to the community. They are now buying parcels, developing out-pads to their stores and bringing more retail and jobs to the community.