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We’ve represented large mixed-use projects and small single unit redevelopments.

We can work with developers at the very start of projects helping to guide through zoning, city ordnances, as well as marketing properties for sale, or lease, at any stage of project development.

Hassalo on 8th Case Study

Lloyd District Development

About The Developer

American Assets Trust is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, headquartered in San Diego, California. For over 40 years, the Company has been acquiring, improving, developing and managing premier retail, office and residential properties throughout the United States California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Working with Urban Works

Urban Works first worked with AAT leasing out the retail portion of an office tower they had acquired in downtown Portland on SW 1st & Main. Fast forward to today as we represented them in the lease-up of their first 3 city block development in the Lloyd District - Hassalo on 8th.

Hassalo on 8th leasing

Hassalo on 8th has successfully brought a night-time population to a district that was predominantly known as a daytime district. The dense, diverse, and transit-oriented neighborhood has enticed restaurants and retail stores to cater to the new urban population. Urban Works has brought in Green Zebra, the grocery anchor, along with Garden Bar, Cafe Yumm!, Little Big Burger, Boxer Ramen, and Orange Theory Fitness.
Hassalo on 8th