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So you’ve heard that Portland has turned into some sort of food mecca?

We are enthusiasts of all things food. Fast and healthy, sweet and hearty, or gourmet and aromatic. Whether it’s your first time opening a neighborhood cafe or a national chain looking for the best corner in the central city, we have vast experience to facilitate that journey. Urban Works specializes in restaurant transactions and negotiates more restaurant leases than any other brokerage group in Portland.

Besaw’s Case Study

Besaw's is back!

Besaw's Rich History

Besaw's got its start in 1903 as a beer parlor and gambling hall. During the prohibition George Besaw kept the place open with simple home cooking. After Prohibition was repealed, Besaw’s was granted the first liquor license in the state of Oregon.

Fast-Forward to the Modern Day

After over a century at its location in Slabtown district, Besaw's had to close its doors as its lease ran out and later got into a legal battle with its landlord over the name "Besaw's." Once the case was settled, it was time to look for a new home, which brought Besaw's to Urban Works.

A New Home for Besaw's

The long-time Portland icon, known for comfort food and an unforgettable brunch, wished to re-locate and establish its position as an anchor tenant in the heart of the new Slabtown neighborhood. With Urban Works' help, Besaw's found a new home at Slabtown Marketplace, not too far away from their previous location. The neighboring space lent itself as a natural fit for Besaw's second concept: The Solo Club, which serves coffee and pastries in the morning and evolves into a late-night spot serving small plates with amaro and bitters focused cocktails.