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So you’ve heard that Portland has turned into some sort of food mecca?

We are enthusiasts of all things food. Fast and healthy, sweet and hearty, or gourmet and aromatic. Whether it’s your first time opening a neighborhood cafe or a national chain looking for the best corner in the central city, we have vast experience to facilitate that journey. Urban Works specializes in restaurant transactions and negotiates more restaurant leases than any other brokerage group in Portland.

Grassa Case Study

Hand crafted pasta

About Grassa

Known for its delicious hand crafted pasta, Grassa has become a staple in the Portland dining scene. Dine on meticulously crafted bowls of fresh pasta on the fly, paired with traditional and seasonal salads, delicious appetizers and tasty cocktails. Grassa had a successful restaurant concept with their first location and came to Urban Works looking to grow the concept to several locations.

Second location

Urban Works identified multiple potential expansion locations and will help the client in finding new future locations for the concept as it grows. Urban Works successfully negotiated Grassa's lease and they are set to open their second location on NW 23rd.