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So you’ve heard that Portland has turned into some sort of food mecca?

We are enthusiasts of all things food. Fast and healthy, sweet and hearty, or gourmet and aromatic. Whether it’s your first time opening a neighborhood cafe or a national chain looking for the best corner in the central city, we have vast experience to facilitate that journey. Urban Works specializes in restaurant transactions and negotiates more restaurant leases than any other brokerage group in Portland.

Starbucks Case Study

The Venti Takeover

A Tall Start

Like many of Urban Work's first time clients, Starbucks got its start with one flagship location, taking tall steps towards a much bigger goal.

The Grande Goals

Starbucks became a client in 1992, when they only had 5 stores in Portland and long before the average person developed a taste for coffee which would turn into a must-have pick me up. At the time Urban Works was able to see Starbucks' vision of the all day experience and negotiated with landlords to lease premier end cap spaces to what was at the time, an unproven concept.

The Venti Takeover

A Venti Takeover is no small task, but if anyone can do it it's Starbucks. What started out as a neighborhood cafe would take many strides including the successful drive-thru concept. To-date we have negotiated over 200 leases on their behalf.